Time zones are not cool.
This is my petition to remove time zones. World Unity. it’s 5 o’clock everywhere.

Sure there are negative aspects to it.
also, the 24 hour clock would be standardized upon, and the metric system.


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Magnet propelled motor

I’ve not found much information on Steorn’s contraption. What I have seen sounds pretty sweet.

Wikipedia link has some “information” about their magnet motor.

It’s probably fake. But I like sci-fi so I’ll keep watching their progress.

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John turned me on to Launchy It’s really freaking handy.

I like my hot key set to Win + Space.
Launchy You sure got a purdy website.

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George Bush + Scotch Terrier = Johnny Cash

+ Scotch Terrier =

Tuck that thumb in George, you look like my grandma.

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Nintendo DS PDA app

Nintendo is releasing a Web browser in the states not too far from now.
I would love to see them go a step farther.

Some Ideas:

  • Email
  • Lists
  • Contact list
  • VOIP
  • Network tools would be sweet too(ping, tracert, telnet, VNC, etc), of course Nintendo will always throw in that one thing that Wii would never think of.

Battery life is great on these things, mine gets about 10 hours of play for most stuff. It can sit in standby for a couple weeks at least.

One other thing I heard about was a card reader, SD was the report. This would be nice to view pictures, and be able to use it as a MP3 player. What geek wouldn’t want to (easily)plop linux on there and run their own webserver from their pocket? (Is that a webserver in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)
I know this would open it up to piracy, so it will probably never happen.

I’ve been reading around some on this subject, Some are skeptical of it. Some I have seen say it would reduce battery life… that’s just silly, it would be pretty much displaying a screen, utilizing wi-fi, and saving data. I’m sure it would be no more taxing than me playing sudoku (which lasts for a couple weeks without recharging, I play it daily when i sit on my throne.) Another pessimism was the price point. I’ve not really seen anything released over 30 or 35 bucks. Everything needed for this setup is already used somewhere in some games. It would not cost much for development; I’d bet they could throw something sweet together and sell it for 20 bucks a pop.
And the last point: Mostly because Nintendo has stated that they want to focus their energy on games for their systems. I do agree on that point, they are a game company, and a damn fine one at that. And That’s fine, Initiate interest in the idea and turn it over to a 3rd party, and get it out that way; that’s what they are doing with Opera.

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CamStudio seems to be a pretty great solution for screen capture.

I needed something cheap. I could afford Camtasia, which is awesome and allows for super easy editing. I’m cheap though.

I did something like a 5 minute “how to” for a family website. It compressed to about 14MB. Just a few clicks and I had it on my web page. For the sound I used a Sure 10A plugged into my notebook. No back ground noise, and it sounded good. I would love to get a Snowball
from Bluemic, maybe if my “umm”‘s and studders start making me some money I will.

If you need a quick screen capture software use CamStudio. If you need something you can easily edit, and gives more flexibility use Camtasia

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